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What Do You Think?!?! High-res

What Do You Think?!?!

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Let me know what you want!

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Learning to Love Life- the gay boy’s way

This is about a gay boy’s life. Funny, Smart, Witty, Classy (sometimes)…or like we say..a lady on the street a freak in the bed!

This blog is for anyone - gay, straight, lesbian, trans- to learn about the gay world…I had a friend text me the other day asking me what a bear and an otter was…this is the blog who will answer those questions you are too afraid to ask with a little humor and wittiness.

This blog will range from wine, food, fashion, dating, sex, friends, family- who knows anything and everything under the sun!

So spread the word!

Learning to love life is what this is about…so enjoy it.

- The Gay Boy